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Basic Text Formatting in Obsidian.md

Basic Text Formatting in Obsidian

Like Microsoft Word or Apple pages Obsidian allows you to perform some basic text editing like making text: Bold, Italic, Strike Through and highlighted.

How to make text Bold in Obsidian?

This is some bold text:

**This is some bold text**

How to make text italicized in Obsidian?

This is italicized text:

*This is italicized text*

How to make give text a strike-through in Obsidian?

This text has a strikethrough:

~~This text has a strike through~~

How to highlight text in Obsidian?

This is highlighted

==This is highlighted==

How to insert block quotes in Obsidian?

Block quotes are a good way of indicating that you’re quoting someone, or to call attention to specific text:

This is a blockquote

> This is a Block Quote

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