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How to add Meta data or YAML in Obsidian?

You can add additional data to your notes such as tags and aliases. Metadata uses a markup called YAML which stands for “Yet another markup language”.

YAML metadata is useful if you want to add tags to your notes or globally refer to notes by an alias. YAML is hidden in notes so you can add a lot of data to the YAML markup without making your notes messy.

YAML in obsidian typically looks like this:

alias: [how to use obsidian,obsidian guide]
tags: [note,video]

The dashes will go a different colour (By default, the dashes are green) if you have placed the YAML in your notes correctly.

By default obsidian supports the following YAML in this order:

  1. alias
  2. tags
  3. cssclass

You are able to add more YAML metadata but it’s not natively supported by obsidian. However, this can still be useful if you’re using plugins like Dataview

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