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What is Obsidian.md?

Obsidian.md is a markdown text editor. It is different from other markdown editors because it has jumped on the linked thought band wagon. “Linked Thought” refers to a group of note taking applications that allow you to seamlessly link thoughts and notes together. It is like having your very own wikipedia. The applications go much further than note taking. Applications like Obsidian.md and Roam Research are spearheading a knowledge management revolution. People have used it to write academic papers and novels. People also use it to support their own work: everyone from software developers to lawyers are seeing the value in the idea of linked thought.

If you are unfamiliar with markdown it can be tricky to get started with obsidian. This article is meant to be a quick reference guide on the basics of Obsidian and the Markdown specific to obsidian. It is aimed at beginners and people who are unfamiliar with markdown.

Most Obsidian Tutorials start with how to link pages together, this doesn’t make any sense. While this is one of the big selling points of Obsidian it can be a confusing topic for someone that is just starting out. My approach will be to explain obsidian as a text editing tool, and then we’ll add “linked thought” at a later stage as the icing on the cake.

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