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Obsidian.md Markdown Cheat Sheet

**This is some bold text**
*This is italicized text*
> Block Quote

There is no native way to underline in obsidian.md. However, you can use HTML to underline your text to do so you can use the following code:

<u>This text will be underlined</u>

Lists and Checklists

1. This
2. is an
3. Ordered list
  1. Indent by pressing tab
- This
- is an
- Ordered list
  - Indent by pressing tab
- [] This
- [] is an
- [] Ordered list
  - [] Indent by pressing tab

Linking, Aliases and Embedding

[[Page to link to]]
[[Page Link^block to link to]]
[[Page Link#The Heading]]
[[Page Link|Alias]]
![[Page Name]]
![[Page Name^block to link to]]
![[Page Name#heading to link to]]

Headings and Horizontal Rules

# Heading 1
## Heading 2
### Heading 3
#### Heading 4
##### Heading 5
###### Heading 6
This is some text

Code Blocks / Code Fences

some code here
var myVar = 1;


| Syntax      | Description |
| ----------- | ----------- |
| Header      | Title       |
| Paragraph   | Text        |

Note: we highly recommend you install a plugin to assist with tables.


Text with foot note[^1]

lorem ipsum

[^1]: Footnote
You can also insert footnotes directly into text like this:  
This is some text. Some More text
This text has a foot note ^[Foot Note Text]

Embed Image

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