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How to embed pages in Obsidian.md?

Embedding pages are another thing that makes linked thought software so powerful. In Software like Obsidian.md you can link to other pages or blocks. This is powerful because you can show an entire page within a page, or just a paragraph or two.

This is great because when the content is updated on the original page it is also updated everywhere it’s embedded. People have found many creative uses for this feature.

To embed a single page use this syntax: ![[Page Name]] Notice how it’s the same as linking to page except you just put the exclamation mark in front?

![[Page Name]]

You can embed just a paragraph by using the same syntax but, you’ll need to include the “^” symbol after the page name like so: ![[Page Name^block to link to]]

![[Page Name^block to link to]]

And here is how to link to a heading and all it’s subsequent content:

![[Page Name#heading to link to]]

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