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How to embed images and other files in Obsidian?

You can embed media in your Obsidian documents. You’ll need to make sure that the media exists in the vault folder first. Many people like to create an attachments folder and keep all their media there. Once you’ve put your media in the obsidian folder you can link to it like this:


Here is a list of file types you can embed in obsidian:

  1. Markdown files: md;
  2. Image files: pngjpgjpeggifbmpsvg;
  3. Audio files: mp3webmwavm4aogg3gpflac;
  4. Video files: mp4webmogv;
  5. PDF files: pdf.

You can also just drag an image or supported file into your note and it’ll automatically embed it and put the file in your “attachments” folder. Your attachments folder is just your vault by default but I would recommend making a separate folder for this so your vault doesn’t get too cluttered.

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